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Bath Soap
Bath soap is primarily used for bathing and cleaning the skin. It removes the dirt and dust particles. Hence, it becomes easy and simple to maintain the original beauty of the skins and avoiding the affects of pollution. 
Soap Dishes

Soap dishes are kept in the bathrooms for keeping the soaps. These dishes are primarily used for preventing soap wastage. The use of them also prevents the soap residue to spread over the floors and make the floors slippery.

Shampoos And Conditioner Bar
Shampoos and conditioner bars are one of the most utilized bathroom products. These are primarily used to clean and maintain the beauty of the human hair. They are easy to hold and use less water, thereby preventing water wastage. 
Wax Candles
Wax candles are often burnt to illuminate the specific area or region. They look good and appealing. The candles are used as decorative elements for occasional or festival purposes. The candles are easy to burn and they stand straight, preventing falling. 

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