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Who We Are?

Petrichor Botanica creates conscientious, natural hair care and natural skin line that will revitalize the body and soul of our customers. We embrace and connect to the ambitions of the present time, inspired by home medicines established through centuries of ancestral traditions. Our products have been carefully crafted to stimulate the natural rejuvenating abilities of the body. Every component of our products pays homage to and originates from its source, which is the ecosystem of the earth, leaving a little environmental imprint.

Petrichor Botanica is a labor of love dedicated to spiritual, emotional, and physical cleaning, healing, and self-learning. In these times- minimum is sufficient- should be our philosophy- for ourselves and the planet. It is time to let go of the poisonous and unattainable beauty standards that we have internalized with Bath Soaps, Soap Dishes, Wax Candles, Shampoos And Conditioner Bars, accept ourselves as we are, and learn to embrace being in our skin.

Our Mission Statement

The tenacity of the human body is almost supernatural, a feature it shares with the planet itself. It has a natural capability for healing and renewal and the ability to cope with ordinary tear and wear- all thanks to evolution, which predates any chemical formula created by man. Our mission is to acknowledge, support, and honor the inherent ability to repair itself by establishing equilibrium and tuning in free of toxic substances that stifle the natural healing abilities. We think that living responsibly helps to maintain the ecology that supports us. Healing is a profound unlearning effort. With a desire to convert caring into a habit, we support ecologically sustainable, enjoyable, and community-driven activities that are healthy and originate from the heart.

How do we make our soaps?

Only therapeutic-class essential oils extracted from plants are used in Petrichor Botanica handcrafted soaps. Essential oils contain medical and aroma-therapeutic characteristics that assist in the maintenance of healthy and natural skin. We utilize slight fragrance to guarantee that the offered soaps are gentle on the skin and never irritate. We do not use chemicals like phthalates or ethanol, or even preservatives, to make the aroma last. Our ingredients and technique are simple that are listed below:

  • Base oils such as coconut, rice bran, castor, and olive
  • Fruit purees
  • Seed butter
  • Carrier oils
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Water
  • Glycerin

Unlike the detergent-induced bubbling thick lather commonly marketed by giant firms creating what we call a human-made Detergent Bar, our mix of carrier and base oil provides creamy lather.

Why should customers shop with us?

  • Free of Toxins: Toxin-free and natural items originate from the soil, such as soap dishes, shampoos and conditioner bars, etc. Therefore, our products do not include parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.
  • Quality Assurance: We are convinced that the sublime may be part of ordinary life. However, handcrafted all-natural components and recipes gathered directly from varied ecosystems will treat your body like a remarkable evolutionary marvel.
  • Free of Cruelty: It was not tested on animals; instead, it was tested on voluntary beauty aficionados. We do not believe in bothering our furry companions.
  • Online shopping: We ship across India! You may shop from the convenience of your own home.
  • Tracking Orders: With our BlueDart partners, you will not worry about shipping costs. All orders have a tracking number.
  • Aromas From Nature: To restore harmony-mind and balance, body and soul-all of our scent mixes are made with therapeutic grade essential oils.
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